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Create offers, bundles and quantity breaks on your product from Shopify and increase your AOV.

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Create offers

Increase your AOV by creating offers on your product.

You have a Shopify store that works well but you still have a problem: your benefits are low! Yet, this is far more important then generating turnover!

Don’t worry, this is the problem of many merchants and with WideBundle, you will be able to create offers and increase your Average Order Value.


Customize the look

Customize the offers to match your store design.

Choose different structures for your offers, edit the colors and the texts.

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About the founder

Hey I’m Mat, the founder of WideBundle.

I created WideBundle because merchants wanted to create bundles to increase AOV with the least friction possible.

Shopify allowed merchants to create discounts on their products, but it wasn’t enough for them.

I created the first version of WideBundle in a week and started onboarding users.

Since then, I improved the app and helped more than 2,000 users increase their AOV.